Efficient,High Precision Intelligence

Our flagship manned aircraft based on a British-built Britten Norman Islander with twin Rolls-Royce turbine engines. The airframe is modified with military and dual-use equipment to provide a high-quality, value-for-money law enforcement ISR asset with standard fit hard points. With the additional ability to deploy paratroopers, this is an extremely capable airborne asset. 

This is a high performance EASA and FAA certified airframe with military grade EO/IR sensors, optical and SAR radar and GSM interception. SECINT-SIRRUSH is designed for hostile land operations and marine protection.  The product is supplied with OEM training for both airframe, sensors, and intelligence analysis. The baseline platform has been operational for many years with hundreds of airframes in existence in different roles.

Key Facts

  • Max Take-Off Weight 3,856kg
  • Wingspan 16.5m
  • Ceiling 25,000ft certified in civilian roles
  • Speed 326 kmph
  • Payload 1,633kg
  • Max Endurance 8.5 hours
  • 2 x Rolls Royce Turbine Engines

Built to Last

The base platform is built to last, which is why the civilian version of these aircraft remain in daily service today after 60-years. This workhorse gives clients an unmatched return on investment (ROI).

The SECINT-SIRRUSH utilises a long standing platform that has proved itself as a workhorse operating in some of the toughest environments. The SECINT-SIRRUSH is a true multitasker that makes the most of every minute.

 A 50-hour check cycle & fixed-undercarriage, means the Sirrush has lower maintenance requirements than most comparable military ISR aircraft. 


Mission Equipment

  • L-3 Wescam MX15 EO system with the following sensors & functions, electro-optical wide (EOW) zoom daylight colour camera, electro-optical narrow (EON) daylight colour spotter-scope, electro-optical narrow low light (LL) spotter scope, thermal image camera with 4 stage lens, e-zoom & haze penetration.
  • Ansur computerized mapping, video streaming & targeting system is combined with Inmarsat & Cobham satellite broadband down/uplink with 256-bit encryption.
  • Ansur remote location control of visual sensors from ground station for targeting & geo-location of marine/ground targets locating, tracking & monitoring of AIS transmitters vertical camera mount.
  • Satellite phone & GSM phone localisation monitoring of target phone systems.
  • ViDAR visual radar system allows medium range optical monitoring of sea vessels &land personnel with MTi’s.  

Equipment Provisions

  • Provision for 4 x Chelton Tetra Radio, master, & slave control units integrated into a NAT’s audio system with intercom.
  • Provision for a handheld Satellite telephone & marine VHF to be integrated into the NAT’s audio system.

Can SIRRUSH do ISTAR & ISR Operations?

Sirrush is designed to get the job done & every attention has been given to ensure that it is a reliable law enforcement or military workhorse – with a modular plug-on, plug-off theory throughout its design, Sirrush can easily be adapted for ISR or ISTAR type operations.

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