3D Military Precision Mapping in the Field

Map large 3D areas in high detail with the Q200-Defence UAV. With a compact 2m wingspan, the fixed-wing UAV is highly suited for in-the-field evaluation of large or tough-to-reach areas for accurate land measurements & understanding ground troop & vehicle routes.

Modular in its Design

The modular design of the Q200-Defence allows in-field swap outs of various components as well as maintenance upgrades to the sensors, motor & avionics systems. A MTOW of 6kg leaves payload space for future proofing of the Q200-Defence.

Benefits of Q200-Defence Vs manned aircraft assets?

Key to the Secint business model is supporting our customers as partners. This is why SecInt financing options for Q200-Defence equipment is available to all customers.

Quality Aerial Imaging- High-resolution images can be used to create 3D maps and interactive 3D models in the field.

Easily Deployable- by artillery & ground troops without requests to higher command for manned aircraft assets.

Low Altitude Reconnaissance- flies at a low altitude – providing real-time actionable intelligence on the battlespace.

Parachute Recovery, As Standard

The Q200 Defence has a built-in, reusable ballistic parachute available at the flick of a switch, giving the pilot another landing option.

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