A UAV Designed to Thrive in Extreme Conditions

Bespoke ISR UAV Design

With a max take-off weight of up to 200kg and a payload of 100kg this multi-role ISR UAV sits in the US DOD Group lll UAV category.

The FENICE’s 9 hour flight endurance makes it suitable for large marine and remote land operations such as: Border Patrol Operations, Illegal Fishing, Illegal Mining, Illegal Logging and Illegal Bunkering.

FENICE operations & training can be utilised by government minitries or contractors to turn huge revenue losses from fishing & mining into positive budgets to help support both financial & ecological development.

Key Specifications

Airframe Specs:

Wingspan: 4.90 Metres

Fuselage: 3.91 Metres

Tail Height: 1.22 Metres

Max Take-off Weight: Up to 200kg

Payload: Up to 100kg

Range, Endurance & Air Performance:

Optimum Speed: 115mph/185km/h

Range: 600 Miles/ 1,303 kilometres

Altitude Limit: 16,000ft

Maximum Positve G: +5G

Maximum Negative G: -2.5G

Sensors & Payload Options

Operating in hostile environments requires the incorporation of technology to provide vital intelligence from a safe distance.

FENICE can be configured with various payloads:

  • EO/IR & Thermal Sensors.
  • GSM / Satellite Mobile Communication Interception.
  • ViDAR for marine trafficking & smuggling.
  • Twin-engine for long range EEZ marine operations.

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Ready to Fly More Than Any Other Platform

Low Maintenance– With its low-hour airframe/engine inspection intervals, FENICE has lower maintenance requirements than many comparable aircraft.
Easy to Inspect– With its low removable wing & top covers the airframe is easy to maintain.
Quality Components– By utilising well-proven, reliable & globally supported systems, we ensure that high-quality reliable support is always within reach, anywhere in the world.

Time to Deploy

Typically class III UAS systems with a similar payload is several times the price of FENICE & a considerable longer wait time on deliveries from orders. When Government’s require UAS’s for COIN operations its because the life-threatening issues exist now, not in 2 years time from most manufacturers.

Time to deploy & price is what makes FENICE different in the defence market.

Single Garage Storage

The Fenice can easily be transported on a trailer & stored & maintained in nothing more than a single garage. Pre-mission checks & refueling can be carried out without any additional equipment, unlike many specialist military-grade UAS.

“FENICE is built with traditional airframe designs in mind. It is built to be strong & withstand harsh conditions. FENICE performs & carries more than any other UAS in its class, at its price point. Our customers’ success is our success.”

-SecInt Group

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