Why Choose SecInt Group?

With management having decades of experience in aerospace projects or aircraft and defence operations, SecInt Group provides full service manufacturing, assembly and training to its industry clients. Using high quality equipment, latest commercial-of-the-shelf (COTs) technology to fabricate assemblies.

Our years of experience, developed production system, and service based culture offers not only quality, but value and a high level of personalised customer service. Coupled with brands which have been known for two decades

All You Need To Know

Secint Group is a Cyprus-based aerospace group that has shaped its future by designing, building, and acquiring manned and unmanned aircraft and specialist unmanned systems for the defence and commercial markets. Whilst group operations are based in Cyprus the individual companies have a global reach with offices in the United Kingdom, Poland, United States, and representative offices in Ireland, India, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada and Egypt

Solutions in the SecInt portfolio usually include a mixture of aircraft/UAV’s, outsoured operations, training in airframes, sensors and intelligence analysis, along with commercial and sovereign government financing.

It's the blending of offerings and an integration into the client’s existing structures which is a key to the SecInt Group success and unique cost effective solutions.

Consultancy With Our Senior Team

SecInt Group offers specialised services to today’s global and developing markets. The group is always happy to provide specialist consultancy to any organisation or government. 

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