Specialist Airborne ISR Aircraft, Manned & Unmanned. Strong background in aircraft modifications, intelligence analysis, optical and radar sensor systems; providing defence and security solutions.

Who We Are

SecInt Group is designed to develop aerospace end-user products and services which empower clients with actionable real-time intelligence. The group strives to own the intellectual property of airframe developments in the UAV markets and also over its surveillance enhancements for the third-party manned airframes

SecInt Group’s mission is to use technology and best practices to deliver the highest quality of flight ready aircraft, UAV’s and intelligence services to support our clients’ law-enforcement & military developments.



We actively search for ways to better our solutions. Our drive for continuous improvement is about making ongoing efforts to improve our products & services.


Our focus on staying up to date with the latest low-cost technology developments in airborne navigation and communications, airframe design, systems for data manipulation and analysis, so that our clients do not need to.

SecInt Group's Divisions

SecInt Air Support

SecInt UAV

SecInt-Quest UAV

ISR integrator and a direct purchaser and financier of aircraft airframes for specialist modifications for the defense and intelligence markets.

A Department of Defence Class III fixed-wing UAV’s capable of medium altitude operations above 12,000ft and carrying up to 100kg payload. 

Quest UAV airframes include the Q-200 and Datahawk fixed-wing small UAV. Initially designed for precision surveying and mapping, the Q-200 was later modified for defence use.

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