Cost Effective ISR for Urban & Marine Ops

A simple low-cost manned aircraft based around the well known Cessna C172 or C182 and modified under a SecInt-owned design. Able to carry dual-use grade camera sensors like the L3 Wescam MX10 or other sensors below dual-use category. Also coupled with marine radar and AIS vessel identification systems. Additional law enforcement systems such as GSM and Satellite phone location and inception devices can be installed to this value-centric surveillance aircraft.

This multi-role redesign of a long standing, world supported airframe into a specialist low-cost ISR aircraft is so unique, that it demands a class of its own. The result of years of evolution in the design of the base platform provides a world-leading technological multi-mission aircraft unmatched at the price point by any other production aircraft. 

Unmatched Reliability & Low Maintenance Costs

SECINT-C172ISR’s unmatched reliability & low maintenance costs provides clients with a manned aircraft that maximise budget constraints & can even be financed or leased into an operating budget rather than capital cost. 

Law enforcement can operate a civilian-looking aircraft rather than military-looking in urban areas.

With its engine certified for mogas & well as avgas, it is ideal for remote ops with limited fuels types.

Mission Equipment

Standard Configuration Options Include:

  • Electro-Optical / Infra-Red Sensors
  • Moving Target Indicators
  • ViDAR – Optical Radar
  • AR Radar – Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • GSM & Satellite phone Tracking – IMSI Catching

Typical Equipment Suppliers include:​

L3-Wescam | Epsilon | Cobham | Inmarsat | Sentient |Horizon Technologies | Ansur Technologies

Modular System

Designed around a modular system, it is easy & quick to either re-configure the SECINT-C172ISR payloads & intelligence systems to various mission roles.

SECINT-C172ISR Long Range Fuel Tank

Modified with permanent wing-tip fuel tanks, the SecInt C172ISR can operate for over 7 hours. The aircraft can operate with easy to access vehicle fuel. Diesel versions also an option.

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