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Specialist OEM of Fixed-Wing UAVs

The SecInt Group companies based in  UK, Cyprus & USA have developed and acquired several fixed-wing UAV platforms over the past few years.  The flagship product being manufactured by SecInt Aero Ltd is the SecInt-Fenice, a large class III UAV with the ability to carry a huge 80kg payload of intelligence equipment and sensors.

In 2022 SecInt acquired the manufacturing and brands of British company QuestUAV, a 7kg ultra-hard waring survey and mapping specialist UAV manufacturer.  Assembly and design is now based at our Stratford-upon-Avon, UK UAV facility.   Various modifications of the proven designs, which have been in operations over the past two decades, are underway for both military and law enforcement.

SecInt Group’s UAV businesses work closely with a mix of assembly joint-venture partners and official representatives in India | MIddle East | Bolivia | Brazil |  Canada providing global coverage for sales & marketing and after-sales support. 

SecInt continues to produce and export the long standing and respected UAV platforms manufactured under the QuestUAV brands.  These have been produced for the survey, mapping, Oil & Gas and mining industries and have been exported to 65 countries globally to date.    

“Low-cost and financed fixed-wing operations and modifications are a core element in the SecInt pedigree.  UAV design and manufacturing in recent years has built on these core elements utilising the very latest in COTS equipment sets.  The SecInt Group of companies continues to push its developments  for the unmanned global markets of both civilian and military”. –  Nick Rowley – CEO SecInt Group

SecInt Group of Companies offers UAV capability direct from oem for:

  • 1

    Military Intelligence Operations
  • 2

    Law Enforcement & Border Control
  • 3

    Illegal Fishing Evidence Collection
  • 4

    Marine Search & Rescue Services
  • 5

    Survey & Mapping Industries
  • 6

    Energy & Mining Facilities Monitoring
Unmanned Aircraft Equipment Provided
EO/IR Sensors | SAR Radar | ViDAR Optical | GSM & Satellite Phone Locators
Day & Night Camera | Multispectral | Thermal Sensor | Ground Targeting
4K Imaging | Multispectral Sensor | Survey Quality GPS/GNSS Mapping
ISR & Targeting Equipment Installations
  • This fixed-wing UAV has such a huge survey and ISR payload it sits in a class of its own.  Coupled with simplicity to operate, maintain and a low operating and ownership cost, it is a perfect choice for demanding harsh environments. The result of many years development in the all aluminium airframe and soon to be released composite carbon-fibre and kevlar version, the FENICE is  unmatched by any other production UAV in terms of asset cost vs capability.  It sets a new benchmark for a civilian / military crossover fixed-wing UAV. SecInt-Fenice can clearly be recognized industry-wide as one of the most capable and versatile high-performance unmanned airframes which can be provided in a category not requiring dual-use or military export licensing (depending on use and payload installed). Take off and landing in less than 100m, even when it is hot and high. Proven, globally supported components, including our own stock of engines and comms equipment.
  • Operate off grass airstrips.
  • Carry a load of more than 80KG even in hot and high conditions.
  • Rugged construction with a sensible hourly airframe/engine inspection interval.
  • The sleek and efficient design gives best in class performance. Optimized for maximum payload with real-world endurance. State of the art onboard image processing capability. The onboard processing leads to a rock-solid target tracking performance and eliminates any communication latency issues.
  • Multiple sensors, including: GSM and Satellite phone handset locators and interceptor (subject to licensing) | SAR radar and Ultra-High Band SAR for penetration of jungle canopies | ViDAR optical radar in search and rescue or marine interdiction missions
  • The traditional wing build with aluminium rib designs is well suited for additional wing-mounted sensors and equipment utilising traditional carriages.
  • Click to download the Fenice brochure

QuestUAV Mapping, Survey & Tactical Drones have a long standing pedigree over two decades with exports to 65 countries.  High quality low cost specialist small UAV's. 

  • CAA certified and insured drone pilots and specialist sensor operators – with a military intelligence and commercial aircraft background we have the ability to manage the most daunting operational tasks.
  • Most of our operations are operated in the area CAA’s term as “Specific Category” which covers operations that present a greater risk than that of the “Open Category”, or where one or more elements of the operation fall outside the boundaries of the open category. Often open category is used by drone pilots who do not operate within the realms of a qualified operations manual such as small film or photographers. As an example of UK only please follow Annex B of CAP722.  We are happy to discuss your projects globally and the regulatory requirements.
  • Depending on the type of operation or the drone/size/capability of the UAV being operated then an Operational Safety Case may need to be conducted firstly. Again, we have experience to be able to implement something for a client’s highly specific requirement in order to reduce and manage any risks.
  • Our smallest drone is 249g ranging to our largest the Fenice-UAV at a massive 170KG. Various cameras, sensors, radars can be installed.
  • We provide and ability to take operate a mixed type of operations including: Mapping and Surveys | Photography | Surveillance | Intelligence Gathering.