Who we are

Management team with decades experience in civil and military aircraft operations and intelligence services.  Strong backgrounds in aircraft  modifications, intelligence analysis, optical and radar sensor systems , defence and security. Previous aircraft modification projects performed by members of the management have included Govt, military and major civilian brands such as flag carrying airlines.


Where we work

Experience of operating aircraft and airborne intelligence services throughout Europe & North America and more extensively in Middle East, Asia, East, West & South Africa, and South America. Any location, anywhere, anytime.

Who we work for

Traditionally The SecInt Group companies have contracted to foreign governments or government agencies and contractors to foreign governments.   With our newer businesses in the group brings a background of commercial clients in the energy and mining industries and third-party service providers and operators.   The key elements we bring to clients is access to leading airborne intelligence technology and attractive financing services designed for developing regions of the globe. Our  company  advisors and management provide a suit of technology, manufactured platforms, financing, operations and training services.  A suite of products and services rarely available under one roof.